Cup of Joe with Joe Mullins

Joe Mullins is a one of todays most prolific storytellers. You'll laugh. You'll cry. But, most of all, you'll come away understanding a little more about Joe's faith... and possibly yours too!
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Cup of Joe Ministries is a ministry committed to communicating Biblical teaching through the forum of creative storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful and memorable way to speak strong truth to believers and nonbelievers alike. Jesus used stories and humor to communicate His message (Parables) to His generation and we believe it is still a powerful way to communicate His teachings.

Joe mullins
Joseph Mullins

We are so excited about some upcoming and current happenings in the life of our ministry.

  • I am finishing work on my first book called “An Uncertain Journey” which is a 40 day devotional for people going through a season of suffering. Hopefully we will be prepared for publication in the summer.
  • My second writing project is underway and will be a six part book/bible study/study guide on the story of Mephibesheth from 2nd Samuel. We want to produce teaching material (both video and written) to accompany it.

Here Are A Few Videos

These are video samples from a live recording that Joe Mullins did a short while back. You'll see from these samples exactly how great of a storyteller Joe is! 
Screen shot 2024 03 25 at 3.21.20 pm
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